Administrator and Executor of Last Wills

Protecting your estate and wishes

Execution of last will

In the Netherlands we manage the execution of your last will. Transparency, discretion and swift execution are of utmost importance.  We provide detailed financial reporting to all stakeholders and ensure the process is running smooth whilst taking into account all interests of family members and tax authorities.

You may appoint us in your last will as independent executor of your last will to settle your estate, so your heirs are not confronted with taking difficult decisions in an often emotional time where different stakeholders are involved.

Moreover, we may function as independent trustee for wealth you have transferred to your beloved ones, or even for your own wealth when you are physically or mentally not able to make these decisions anymore.

We will take care for a smooth settlement of the estate, wherever your assets are located in the world.


Capital Support offers Guardianship services to protect clients and their belongings. When we are appointed as an administrator by an attorney, we will carefully and justfully enact our client’s wishes. This kind of delegated authority can only be exercised with the approval of the Courts. As an administrator acting under rule of law, we are applying our usual principles of high integrity and utmost care. Our specialists are often appointed to assist in the transfer of wealth to the next generation, since minors , often, cannot yet manage their own affairs.

Clients can also document their intention to delegate authority in their will. If we are appointed as administrator, we will ensure that the will of our client is rightfully enacted. Capital Support makes sure that assets and belongings are granted to the right person or organization. In case the client chose to donate to a charity, we keep in close contact with the receiving party to monitor whether the intentions of our client are honored.


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