A selection of case studies

“The administration of our real estate fund became too much of a burden for me. Capital Support now takes care of it which is a huge relie.  They manage the administration,  transactions and compose annual accounts and reports. Capital Support communicates directly with my accountant, my notary and my tax advisers. My administration is now fully up to date.”

“I would never have thought that an inheritance would lead to severe family conflicts. Yet when my mother passed away, I realised that even in harmonious families as ours it can occur. My husband and I have 5 children and I am not certain anymore that our inheritance will be peacefully split and processed.  Therefore we appointed Capital Support as executor, to unburden our children and prevent conflicts.”

“We asked Capital Support to take care of the participant administration of our investment fund. They take care of the financial administration and draft annual reports. Capital Support determines the net asset value at the time of participation and redemption and they also provide individual reports at fund level. It reduces our work-load tremendously. “

“My mother no longer understands the value of money and she has recently become very forgetful. At our request, the court has appointed Capital Support to administrate her financial affairs and act as her guardian. Capital Support now takes care of my mother’s affairs, in accordance with her wishes. This has taken away most of our worries.”

“Although your advisers provide high quality services,  you lack the time to implement and monitor their suggestions regarding your financial affairs. Our Asset Coordination specialists are trained to protect your wealth, to translate the suggestions of your advisors and to monitor their actions carefully. We guide your financial management and deliver consolidated wealth reports. We are the bridge between you and your advisers for clarity and comfort. “

“My husband and I donated money to our children. My youngest son does not behave in a responsible way, yet. For this reason. we appointed Capital Support as a trustee. They are an independent third party, which helps and educates our son to manage his own affairs. With the help of Capital Support, we are able to pass on our wealth in a structured and controlled manner.”

“I will relocate to the Middle East for 5 years for work. This relocation makes it difficult for me to take care of the administration of my business and the property I bought in Amsterdam. I delegated the administrative tasks and payments of rent to Capital Support. They manage my administration and keep me up to date about my affairs and other relevant developments. “

“I established a company which holds my pension, but the administration has become a larger burden than I expected. At one point I decided to involve a professional and approached Capital Support. Since they are an independent and experienced service provider, it brings me peace of mind and relief that their specialists take care of my financial administration. “